The Uniform - A Mark of Identity

14 Aug 2018 18:46

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The uniform is a distinct mark of unity, identity, team presence and distinction. All through the worlds varied cultures, professions and religions use the distinction that a uniform can deliver. Uniforms like clown outfits or jesters costumes can bring up funny light hearted memories and feelings. Uniforms like military or law enforcement bring out feelings of alertness, fear or on the opposite spectrum peace of mind.

When one thinks of business uniforms we can think about clean pressed suites and ties with patent leather shoes or pant suits or professional dresses with snappy shoes. The image of a person with a cell phone in one had and a coffee in another also pops up.

Hotel uniforms conjure up black and white maid outfits and front end staff in business uniforms. house cleaning uniforms of polite, courteous and very helpful persons permeates the mind. These uniforms help you locate bell persons, maids and service staff within the hotel / motel.

Another service uniform in the service industry is the restaurant uniforms. These can be very different from restaurant to restaurant. There are some common accessories like the apron, cleaning cloth etc. Some high-profiled waiters and waitresses may dress extremely formally; black and white tuxedos and dresses can be worn at 5 star restaurants.

Finally, I like the spa uniforms as a personal favorite. These are typically loose fitting, soft colored with comfortable shoes. One immediately starts feeling relaxed upon seeing the uniform.

Many uniforms create a sort "Pavlovian dog" conditioned response effect and in many instances that is why the uniform was created in the shape style or color presented. The most powerful aspect about uniforms in my opinion is the fact that it portrays the fact that there are typically more than one person wearing the uniform, (strength in numbers) and there is a specific unity associated with the wearers of the uniform. It could be strength, protection, service or religious in nature. The uniform is a very powerful and influential in whatever setting the uniform is worn.

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